Milwaukee sits on 20% of the world's freshwater supply

Southeast Wisconsin is home to 150 water-related businesses that provide 20,000 jobs.

180 aquatic invasive species have been documented in the Great Lakes

Milwaukee's Water Resources

Water resources are a critical asset for the City of Milwaukee and have played an integral role in the city's development. To build on the historical and economic significance of being located on the largest supply of fresh water in the world, Milwaukee is currently leveraging its natural water resource assets with the latest research and technology to realign the local economy around water and become a water-centric city on America's "fresh coast."

Balancing the built and natural environments in the city by preserving riparian buffers, creating urban greenspaces in the most densely populated neighborhoods and installing green infrastructure strategies such as rain gardens and bioswales will reduce stormwater runoff and assist in making the critical connection between land use and water quality.

With a wealth of water assets, including the presence of water-related companies and technology, academic and commercial research, talent development, and natural resources, Milwaukee is poised to become "America's Water-Centric City."

McKinley Marina is Milwaukee county's only public lake front marina, with over 650 boat slips. Photo: Milwaukee county parks