What is a Catalytic Project?

A catalytic project promotes cross-cutting sustainability outcomes that mirror goals and targets in this Sustainability Plan. Specifically, catalytic projects:

  • Demonstrate significant potential for meaningful positive impacts on the environment, economy and people.
  • Provide great opportunity to significantly advance a broad cross-section of Sustainability Plan goals and targets.
  • Complete or demonstrate two or more priority strategies.
  • Connect to other strategic priorities within the public, non-profit, and private sectors, thereby creating a broad base of stakeholders and support to promote successful implementation.
  • Are sustainable in the long term without complete dependency on public and/or philanthropic support.
  • Are scalable to work at a specific neighborhood or area level and can be extended to a city-wide level.
  • Are in early development or implementation stages.
  • Are financially and politically possible.

In short, a catalytic project encompasses multiple Sustainability Plan goals across several themes, is in the early stages of planning, will be a highly visible demonstration project, and will benefit from collaborative and strategic direction-setting and resource investment from the community.

The Mayor's Green Team, in conjunction with input from the public, has identified two promising projects in the City of Milwaukee to serve as Sustainability Plan Catalytic Projects: the City of Milwaukee's HOME GR/OWN initiative and the public-private Milwaukee Inner Harbor Redevelopment project.