Land and Urban Ecosystems Goals

Goal: Reuse vacant and under-used land.


  • 1,000 vacant lots converted to benefit neighborhoods, including uses such as parks, stormwater management areas, food production, and sustainable development, by 2016
  • 30 acres of City-owned Brownfield areas redeveloped by 2016

Goal: Realign policies and codes to support Refresh Milwaukee goals and targets.


  • Implementation of the policy recommendations included in the comprehensive city-wide and area plans*

Goal: Protect, restore, and maintain Milwaukee's natural resources.


  • Tree canopy coverage in Milwaukee doubled to 40 percent by 2023*
  • The acreage of natural areas (including riparian areas, wetlands, stream buffers, environmental corridors, and green stormwater facilities) that are restored or placed under protection increases annually by 10 percent

Goal: Increase Milwaukeeans' connections to the city's green and recreational spaces.


  • All residents live within a 10-minute walk of a park, greenway, or green or other amenity space
  • The Nature Explore Outdoor Classroom™ concept is modeled in Milwaukee as a way to institutionalize urban ecosystem and environmental outdoor education with Milwaukee Public Schools for all youth¹