Human Capital Goals

Goal: Increase economic opportunity for all Milwaukeeans.


  • Green jobs pilot program created in a sustainability area identified as a priority by the community
  • Menomonee Valley Industrial Center Wage Policy, as adopted by the City of Milwaukee and the Redevelopment Authority of the City of Milwaukee (RACM), used as a model for future RACM projects and Sustainability Plan catalytic projects, where feasible

Goal: Develop ladders of advancement for Milwaukee youth and Milwaukee entrepreneurs.


  • Summer internship placements prioritized in industry areas outlined as priorities in the Sustainability Plan
  • Participation increased in City Youth Employment Programs by 10 percent per year
  • Increased number of new minority business start-ups in Milwaukee within 10 years

Goal: Promote inclusion and diversity for a sustainable economy.


Mayor-hosted "Call to Service" breakfast campaign for local business and civic leaders Human capital strategies aligned with City block grant-funded programs that create inclusion