Building Goals

Goal: Implement sustainable building practices and standards for development and major redevelopment.


  • 100% of new industrial buildings citywide designed and built consistent with Menomonee Valley Sustainable Design Guidelines
  • Green Construction Code of the International Code CouncilĀ® for commercial buildings adopted by 2016
  • A targeted suite of new housing-start energy-efficiency and stormwater incentives developed by 2016

Goal: Improve the physical condition of deteriorating and blighted city, residential, and commercial buildings.


  • 200 City tax-foreclosed homes sold per year to qualified buyers who must rehabilitate them
  • At least 75 housing units rehabilitated, with a focus on energy-efficient measures, annually through TIN and other programs, where possible
  • 10 buildings adaptively reused (for example, repurposing former schools for new use and former industrial buildings for housing) by 2016