ReFresh Milwaukee provides a vision for community sustainability over the next 10 years and seeks to make Milwaukee a center for sustainability innovation and thought leadership. This plan sets goals and targets for individuals and organizations to achieve and provides a citywide roadmap for improving the environmental, economic and social conditions of Milwaukee's neighborhoods. ReFresh Milwaukee is a call to action to the community and connects residents, businesses and other groups working on sustainability issues.

First published in July, 2013, ReFresh Milwaukee was granted approval by the Milwaukee Common Council in Council File #131035.



What makes ReFresh Milwaukee unique, and the recommendations quite poignant, is the fact that residents set the direction of this planning effort.

Mayor Tom Barrett

ReFresh Milwaukee serves as a road map not only for city government, but for our community at large. The website is a way for community to engage with the recommendations so we can work together to achieve our common sustainable goals.

Sustainability Director Matt Howard

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